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International Arbitration

World Link for Law has a group of professionals in many jurisdictions with experience in international arbitration. The vast legal culture and dimension of this arbitration focus group represents a solid platform for the supply of specialist services towards for members’ clients.
Their expertise includes among others:
  • Providing expert parte opinions in international arbitration;
  • Acting as counsellors for companies in arbitral disputes;
  • Advising about drafting arbitration agreements, assisting and advising in multi-party international transactions and negotiation;
  • Advising and assistance in enforcement proceedings of arbitral awards and in court proceedings for cancellation of arbitral award.
The members of the international arbitration group of World Link for Law also dedicate themselves to the research of various legal aspects they face in their day to day practice in their jurisdictions in arbitration and constantly cooperate in providing collective legal advice to international clients in international arbitral disputes.
For further assistance please contact the Arbitration group leader, Cristiana Stoica of STOICA & Asociatii, Bucharest, Romania; email: istoica@stoica-asociatii.ro; Tel: +40 (0) or World Link for Law Administration


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