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In this section we identify details of our recent legal conferences, future conferences, legal seminars and events. Also go to Business Information and Publications for further legal and business information.

Annual Conference 2017, New York, USA

This was held on 11-13 May at the offices of our member firm Herrick, Feinstein LLP with accommodation at the adjacent Hilton Garden Midtown on East 33rd Street near to the Empire Station Building. It was attended by 63 delegates with 83 people for the traditional gala dinner.

Click on this link to read the Minutes of the Annual General Assembly.  See the Post Conference Review link below.

Annual Conference 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

The World Link for Law conference in 2018 will be from 26-28 April at the Admiral Hotel, Copenhagen.  Details will be published later this year. Please click here to see the Conference website with booking form.

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New York



Conference Papers

From our recent conferences you can access various papers that were presented upon request to World Link for Law Administration.

From our 2017 conference in New York, you can request to receive information about the following subjects:

  • Understanding the China business perspective of investment into Canadian real estate
  • Legal Professional Privilege: a comparison between different jurisdictions about confidentiality
  • Cyber fraud prevention and scams against professional firms

From our 2016 Conference in Barcelona, Spain, you can request to receive information about the following subjects: 

  • Current trends in international arbitration. Selection process of ICC arbitrators: How to become an ICC arbitrator

  • Panama? Nothing wrong with that country, is there? (Insight into the Panama Papers plus Base Erosion and Profit Shifting measures re the Starbucks, McDonalds and others ‘tax planning’ structures)

  • Comparative law: admissibility of evidence before a commercial court in different jurisdictions

From our 2015 Conference in Miami, USA, you can request to receive information about the following subjects:

  • How to build a successful sports franchise

  • Current issues affecting the Irish Lawyer

  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

  • The evolving standards of Marijuana law in the U.S.

  • What to do when your client’s data has been breached

From our 2014 Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, you can request to receive information about the following subjects: 

  • Little known, but useful international conventions in the field of civil and commercial law

  • The most important tax in the EU – VAT

  • An insight into the legal aspects of European healthcare

  • Advising clients in ‘political crisis’ countries

From our 2013 Conference in Chicago, USA, you can request to receive information about the following subjects:

  • The acquisition and financing of USA real estate by foreign entities.

  • The recovery of artworks looted during the Nazi era: A practitioner’s view.

  • LIBOR manipulation: The liability consequences for banks.

  • Current trends in International Arbitration.

  • Performing business audits and forensics to better understand your client.

  • The benefits of cross border chambers of commerce.

From our conference in Moscow, in June 2012, you can receive details of the following presentations.

  • Outline of the Russian legal system

  • How social media can work for you

  • Opportunities for on-line legal services, extranets, deal rooms and webinars

  • St. Petersburg – a gateway to Russia for your business

From our conference in Sydney, in November 2011, you can receive details of the following presentations:

  • Parallel importing – navigating the perfect storm

  • Know your client and anti money laundering

  • Trends in corporate bankruptcy in Australia

From our conference in Buenos Aires, in October 2009, you can receive details of the following presentations:

  • An overview of the Argentine legal system

  • Revolution and Evolution in Argentina’s capital markets – a historical perspective

  • Structuring direct foreign investments in the United States

  • Investment opportunities in the Brazilian market: legal aspects and cultural peculiarities 

From our conference in Bucharest, in October 2008, you can receive details of the following presentations:

  • A legal and practical approach to real estate investments in Romania

  • Romanian law on the management system of joint stock companies

  • Comparative analysis on intellectual property rights and unfair competition law in the international context

  • Madeira International Business Centre - tax planning

  • An overview of the Business Company, Mutual Funds and Trusts in the BVI


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