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1. Disclaimer

All material included from time to time in World Link for Law’s website and general links (the “Website") is for general interest and information only and is not to be treated or relied upon as specific legal or commercial advice. While World Link for Law seeks to ensure that the contents are not misleading or outdated, users should obtain specific legal advice before making or refraining from making any business or personal decisions. As a convenience to the user, the Website contains links to other websites. World Link for Law does not sponsor, endorse or otherwise approve of the materials appearing in these other websites. World Link for Law and its members and officers, past, present and future have no responsibility for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect, special, consequential or incidental) arising from any material on the Website or sites to which the Website may from time to time be linked.

World Link for Law is registered as an association in Switzerland at Bahnhofstrasse 70, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland. It is a membership association that does not itself provide legal advice or other professional services. It provides no assurances or warranties in respect of its members, alliance partners, officers, consultants or employees past, present and future and disclaims any liability or responsibility for anything done or omitted to be done by anyone in reliance wholly or partly on advice or other services from such persons.

World Link for Law is not connected with any organization named World Law Group or similar.

2. The Conditions of the Licence (the "Licence")

2.1 The copying of any article and/or the reproduction of any item is permitted only if it is verbatim, and no editing or excerpting is permitted. No licence is afforded to the copyrighted materials of third parties. Any downloading, use, reproduction or distribution of the materials contained on this web page constitutes a recipient's acceptance of the terms of this licence.

2.2 World Link for Law has no responsibility for the accuracy of any translation of the materials on this Website.

2.3 You may only take full hard copies of, and/or download to hard disk, any item for your own personal use or for use by colleagues employed by your business. Partial, selective or edited downloading is not permitted.

2.4 If you choose to provide to any third party (by any means, including email, usenet newsgroups, chat systems, bulletin board systems, FTP download areas or web pages) any such copies, then such provision must specify that:
(a) the Licence applies to the third party recipient, who is bound by its terms;
(b) World Link for Law’s website is the origin of the material, and World Link for Law’s web address must be clearly visible on any such copies;
(c) commercial use or any form of use for compensation is prohibited.

2.5. Variations: If you wish to copy and/or reproduce any items on terms other than those set out in the Licence above, please make a specific request so to do directly to World Link for Law Administration.

3. Privacy policy

Protecting the privacy of your personal information is important to World Link for Law. If you visit our site simply to browse, we do not collect any personal information from you. If you send us an enquiry or subscribe to any of our newsletters, we will ask for your name, e-mail address and the name of your organization. This information will not be disclosed or used to contact you in the future, except to enable World Link for Law, its officers, employees, consultants, members or alliance partners to fulfil your enquiry or contact you about your enquiry or send you other relevant information about World Link for Law. We store any personal information securely but may need to transfer information to different countries to fulfil the above uses. Please contact us if you do not wish to be notified of any further information at any time. If you send us e-mail, you should know that e-mail is not necessarily secure against interception. This website contains links to third-party sites and, once you link to another website, the privacy policy of that website applies.

4. Copyright Notice

The contents of these pages are © World Link for Law, 2018. Any copying and/or reproduction will be permitted only pursuant to the Licence contained herein.

5. Trademark Notice

World Link For Law ® is a trademark in the United States of America & an EU Trademark.

​6. Descriptions on this site about legal or industry secor specialisation

​Many jurisdictions in the USA do not permit lawyers to be listed as 'specialists' unless they are 'certified' as such by their state bar authorities, which is an optional feature of bar association membership and numberouos qualifying criteria must be met to achieve this level of status.  World Link for Law's members' services are global and our definition of 'specialist' means skill and ability in a prticular practice area of law or industry sector and does not mean (or imply) expert or 'specialist' status in any sense.



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