A Leading International Law Network

How We Work

All members of World Link for Law are scrutinised by the Association to make sure they meet our exacting standards. All members comply with a detailed Quality Code and at the conclusion of each matter clients are provided with a questionnaire to ask for their opinions about the quality of the services that they have received.

As a network association we are flexible to meet your needs in the way that we work with you. For example, we are happy to co-ordinate your requirements through our Administration Service. In many cases, however, services are frequently co-ordinated by a member firm in your country, alternatively we are happy to place you in contact with each individual member firm.

We will not proceed with an instruction until we have agreed a basis of charging with you, have agreed who will be responsible for handling your work and that you have full information about the lawyers and their skills. Our primary objective is to provide you with the exact assistance that you need. Therefore if we are unable to assist you directly, we will always endeavour to provide you with another professional contact.


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