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International labour law - quick reference guideIt focuses on the most frequently asked labour law questions by companies in relation to their employees.

World Link for Law's international company formation guide. It identifies different types of company formation options and general procedural requirements in various countries around the world.

The March 2013 business newsletter contains articles on:

  • UK - Guide to Twitter use
  • USA - Considerations for foreigners investing in Florida real property
  • USA - The avoidable (but hidden) tax on U.S. assets held by non-citizens and non-residents
  • The Netherlands - Windmills, tulips and also international mass claims
  • Israel - Upholding the requirements of standardization- obtaining an official standard certification and the "breach of trust" status
  • Maritime law and the “general average” - an outmoded doctrine?
  • UK- Europe's new data protection laws may apply globally
  • New German law on mediation
  • USA - Withholding of taxes on sale of U.S. real property
  • Uruguay—business opportunities
  • Italy - Establishment of business court’s to support economic growth
  • German Annual Tax Act 2013
  • Czech Republic - New Act on corporate criminal liability
  • Contract negotiations - key issues (UK perspective)
  • World Link for Law Members’ News

The September 2011 business newsletter contains articles on:

  • The increasing emergence of class actions - risk for defendant companies
  • UK- The Bribery Act 2010 can affect those doing business in the UK
  • Belgium - The end of Bank secrecy
  • France - Non-recognition of the status of commercial agent
  • UK - Privacy law - sending personal data outside the EEA
  • Madeira – A review of double taxation treaties and favourable possibilities
  • USA - Choosing a business entity for real estate purposes- how do they compare?
  • UK- The benefits of Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Israel - How can you protect yourself from selling to a company in trouble?
  • Czech Republic – New obligations in respect of Commercial Register information
  • Australia - Business judgment rule - recent lessons for all company directors
  • Malta - The re-domiciliation of offshore private investment funds
  • Cyprus - Suspicions of oligopoly in the milk industry
  • World Link and Members’ News
The May 2010 business newsletter contains articles on:
  • International/UK - Social media – companies should face up to the risks.
  • Argentina—Regulating overseas financial service companies
  • Australia—Warning about pre-tender promises
  • Australia—Duty of care in the workplace
  • Brazil—New thin capitalization tax rules
  • Chile—Reforms to corporate governance
  • Czech Republic—Joint stock company developments
  • France—New lawyer authorized contract style
  • Germany—Inheritance law update
  • Israel—Tips for smart international trade
  • Italy—Class action developments
  • Liechtenstein—New tax law developments
  • Netherlands—Construction market—legal relaxation
  • Malta—A new aviation register
  • Romania—Tax law developments
  • Slovakia—ADR and arbitration
  • Sweden—New anti-competition law
  • Switzerland—New tax exchange regulations and bank secrecy
  • Ukraine—Milestones in corporate governance
  • USA—Disclosure about overseas bank accounts
  • USA—the sweeping arm of California courts’ jurisdiction
  • World Link for Law News

The Spring 2009 business newsletter contains articles on:

  • Warning about US trademark scam artists
  • Germany- update of inheritance and gift tax laws
  • Germany- reform of the ‘GmbH’
  • Arbitration and the Germany-US double taxation treaty
  • Distribution agreement considerations
  • UK- pre litigation action conduct protocols
  • Netherlands– dealing with the bankruptcy of a Dutch debtor
  • Romania- debt recovery procedures
  • Ukraine- starting a business
  • Romania - enforcing judgments
  • Substance requirements for overseas subsidiaries
  • Italy - certified electronic mail delivery systems
  • The British Virgin Islands Business Company
  • Ukraine– real estate for foreigners
  • UK - Companies Act 2006: key provisions
  • Arbitrating EC Competition Law

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