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Wherever in the world you are dealing with a World Link for Law member firm, we recognise that quality standards need to be uniformly high and that they are all equipped to meet the demands of a modern international legal practice.

With this in mind the criteria for new firms joining World Link for Law is very strict. All firms are reviewed; must demonstrate appropriate experience; provide references from existing clients and must adhere to our Quality Code. In addition to this we also operate a system of providing clients with quality of service questionnaires at the conclusion of a matter and encourage these to be returned to our Executive for evaluation. We act upon any findings and make improvements, where necessary, to our overall quality standards.

A full copy of our Quality Code is available upon request. The main features of the Quality Code are that:

  • Each member undertakes strongly to respect the ethical rules which are universally applicable to lawyers and legal firms everywhere, including the international codes of ethics. 
  • Each member shall scrupulously adhere to the qualities which are of the essence of the legal profession: courtesy, candour, dignity, diligence, independence, integrity, honour, loyalty and fraternity.
  • Each member undertakes to communicate clearly and promptly with other members and our Administration. There are specific rules to cover clarity of communications.
  • In relation to referrals of work to another member (or members), members are obliged to:
    • Work together in a co-operative process for the benefit of the client. The referring firm must provide a detailed explanation of the client's objectives to the firm who will be handling the work.
    • Confirm in writing that the member receiving the work has the necessary skill and adequate staff to handle the work.
    • Confirm that there is no conflict of interest.
    • Respond promptly and in any case not more than 2 working days from the initial request.
    • Provide an engagement letter to the client explaining how the fees and expenses will be determined, calculated and billed.
    • To identify the specific personnel who will be responsible for handling the matter.
    • To identify clear lines of communication and who will report to the client and when.
    • To provide regular progress reports to the client.
    • The member firm who will be responsible for handling the work must confirm the methods, procedures and strategies that will be undertaken to achieve the client's objectives.
    • To notify those involved of any relevant information during the progress of the matter.

All members must adhere to the utmost standards of client confidentiality and comply with various professional indemnity obligations required by both their relevant professional body and the principles of ethical commercial practice as necessary.


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