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International Tax

Please see (below) the agenda and attendees of the Tax Group meeting in New York on May 12 2017; and also the presentation made at the meeting.

Here is a current database of ‘specialists’ with email addresses and telephone numbers. This document will be regularly updated. 

The co-ordinators of this group are planning to hold regular group calls or video conferences.If you want to join the group please email Tony Firth and also please join the appropriate LinkedIn group which is an easy way to correspond with group members.  To do this go to: http://www.linkedin.com  In the search box at the top of the frame, left side, search for “World Link for Law”. Then in the lower bar revealed, click on ‘Groups’ to the centre right, which will reveal the various World Link groups. Select the Tax Group. Please think about starting a discussion or to communicate generally with the group. Or, go to the LinkedIn Tax Group at the bottom right of this page and ask to join.

Intellectual Property Law

We are looking for a leader for this group, with the intention of re-establishing a new database of specialists for the purposes of sharing of knowledge and for business development purposes with meeting at conference and on-line video conferencing. If you are interested in leading this group, please contact Tony Firth.

 In the meantime, please Please join the LinkedIn group which is an easy way to correspond with all group members.

Please also see some documents produced by members about Intellectual Property Trademark Protection in their countries as agreed to be supplied at the meeting in Amsterdam, 2014.


International Arbitration

More details will follow shortly.


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